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On Wandering ... 

The bigger picture


“Landscape has a soul and a presence, and landscape - living in the mode of silence - is always wrapped in seamless prayer.”

John O'Donohue in “Walking in Wonder”


I have no better words than Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue to describe my yearning for wandering in wonder. Ever since childhood, it has been a part of me. In a sense, we are all on a journey back towards our inner child. Walking the noisy and busy streets of unknown cities or treading the tracks created by sheep or cattle through grazing fields can be one and the same experience. Solitude is for me the best way to be “home”; it’s in solitude and silence the secret reveals itself; it’s where the young member of the highland cattle tribe invites me in with a glimpse in the eye; it’s where the deserted surface of the black mountain greets the soles of my bare feet with its rough and embracing warmth given by the sun - we come from the same place - we go the same place again, shapes and souls irrespectively. 

In the meantime, I see my camera as a faithful companion with a life of its own. We don’t always speak the same language, and I’m forever trying to make amends for my technical illiteracy.

Bear with me.



On exhibit/udstilling


Various mounted prints and canvases are on exhibit and can be bought at/

Et udvalg af mine billeder på kanvas/print/plakater og kort kan ses og købes hos:

Morsø Turistbureau,
Havnen 4,

7900 Nykøbing Mors. 

Plakater og kort:

Gård Bageriet

Agerøvej 14

7960 Karby


Strømpehuset, Øster Assels

Bøger & Papir, Nykøbing Mors

Gård Bageriet, Karby



MORS-PLAKATER: Se album af samme navn


Prints, prints on canvas or aludibond & posters/

tryk, kanvas, aludibond & plakater


En del af billederne her er fotokunst egnet til tryk på forskellige typer papir, kanvas, aludibond eller som plakattryk. Laves på bestilling.


Some of the photos you find in here are suited for print on paper or other materials. Some are specifically edited for canvas. 

Please write me a note if you have special requests.


Quality cards/dobbeltkort med luksus konvolut

Kort i luksuskvalitet i forskellige størrelser og med lokale motiver kan købes forskellige steder på Mors.


Cards and envelopes in various sizes with local motives are available in several places on the island of Mors.


Contact me/kontakt

Tel : +45 26 27 31 27

mail :

Thanks! Message sent.

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